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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

When you’re looking for a reliable professional to provide commercial cleaning in VA, DE, PA, MD, or DC, choose Palmetto Services! We have more than 65 years of experience in the commercial cleaning field.  Read about why commercial cleaning is important.


Clean Medical Facility hallway. Images of doctors with patients overlap.

Keep your employees and patients happy and healthy with a clean medical facility! We offer the services you need to ensure you are in compliance with regulations and expectations of your industry: high standards for cleanliness and waste disposal. Our team is OSHA and GBAC trained.

Clean Operating Room

  • Assisted Living Facilities/Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Surgical Centers
  • Imaging Centers
  • Medical Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Hospices
  • Clinics

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    When it comes to cleaning up the details, a single pass is rarely sufficient. While Palmetto Services typically uses a three-phase system to complete the post-construction cleaning process, we can tailor the process to your project’s specific needs. Our team is OSHA-trained to provide the necessary expertise to handle the unique challenges of cleaning up after construction projects.

    We are listed in the 4 Top Post-Construction Cleaning Companies in the Mid-Atlantic!

    2 Post construction workers cleaning a concrete Floor


    • Initial rough cleaning: In the first phase of our post-construction cleanup process, we clean the entire property and address obvious flaws. We’ll remove adhesives from glass, clean off paint overspray, dust dirty surfaces and clean the floors.
    • Detailed cleaning: Next, we give the property a detailed clean. This step might involve cleaning shelves and cabinetry, polishing fixtures and detailing the floors and baseboards.
    • Final touch-ups: In the last phase, we return to the property and check for any last detail flaws, such as fingerprints on the windowpanes or lingering dust. This step prepares the property for viewing.

    We’ll work closely with you to develop a personalized approach. If you have special requirements for the post-construction cleaning process, know that we can accommodate them. (Read about why a clean construction site is important to safety.)

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    CLEANING Services

    Warehouse with clean shiny floor

    • Auto scrubbing: Our industrial and warehouse auto floor scrubbing service gives your floors an in-depth clean. The equipment we use reduces the risk of falls from wet floors and lifts industrial grime.
    • Pressure washing: Concrete pressure washing gets rid of the tough dirt and grease that comes from industrial work. Let our trained cleaners pressure wash hard-to-clean surfaces for impeccable results.
    • Equipment cleaning: Allow our industrial cleaning technicians to clean equipment such as tanks, silos and ovens. They can make your operations safer by keeping your equipment clean and in good condition.
    • Waste disposal: The Palmetto Services waste management team includes staff members experienced with recycling and hazardous waste removal. We can assist in sorting and transporting your waste safely and efficiently.
    • Spill and contamination response: In the case of a spill or chemical contamination, our industrial cleaning specialists can take care of the issue. We can help you manage these incidents so you can get back to normal productivity levels.

    We can also take care of office cleaning for your administrative team.


    • Preventive maintenance: We can keep your facility in good condition and check for potential issues, saving you money on sudden breakdowns.
    • Lightbulb replacement: Let us change out your lightbulbs when they burn out using equipment that allows us to reach high ceilings.
    • Supply restocking: Our experts can monitor and restock supplies such as paper towels and shop rags so they never get low.
    • HVAC maintenance: Palmetto Services technicians can check, maintain and repair your heating and cooling systems for a comfortable facility.
    • Electrical and plumbing work: We can also complete plumbing and electrical jobs to keep your facilities in top shape.

    You may also request specialty maintenance services for systems and machinery. We can work together to develop a service plan that includes all the services you need for smooth operations.

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    Office Cleaning

    For exceptional office cleaning services, Palmetto Services has everything you may need and more. From the exterior of the building to the interior, we understand the importance of a clean and organized environment.Cleaning an office table

    • Emergency services
    • Power washing services
    • Landscape design and maintenance
    • Winter weather services
    • Workspace configuration
    • Blind cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Parking lot services
    • Restroom sanitation
    • Supply management

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    Data Center and Cleanroom Cleaning

    Whether you have multiple server rooms or one small cleanroom, we make maintenance simple. Our specialized cleaning staff can eliminate static residuals, complete regular server room cleanings and handle decontamination during construction. Learn why keeping your data center clean matters!Data Center cleaning

    • Server Room: A buildup of dust or other physical contaminants in your server rooms can cause overheating and equipment corrosion. Over time, dirt can significantly impact performance and contribute to server downtime. We’ll clean your server rooms at a time you determine, whether that’s during business hours or overnight. We take the security of your equipment and business seriously. We can clean server racks and cabinets as well as the raised floor.
    • Cleanroom: Each of our staff members receives training on current industry regulations, which allows them to provide the standard of cleaning needed to maintain cleanrooms with ISO classification or other cleanliness standards.

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    We can tailor our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We welcome you to ask about the products and methods we use during cleaning and request changes if you’d like.

    • Using products certified by recognized organizations
    • Cleaning with color-coded microfiber rags that avoid cross-contamination
    • Utilizing energy-efficient equipment and equipment that improves air quality
    • Practicing waste reduction techniques, such as recycling
    • Replacing your space’s supplies with eco-friendly alternatives
    • Choosing methods such as steam cleaning that decrease the use of chemicals

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    We’ve enhanced our office cleaning services to include COVID-19 specific cleaning methods and products recommended by the CDC and EPA to meet the most current safety guidelines.Disinfecting an office from COVID germs

    Electrostatic Disinfection: a cleaning process that combines approved disinfectant liquid cleaning solvents with forced air in an air-powered spray device, which atomizes it. The spray distributes small molecules that attract and adhere more aggressively to completely coat surfaces, making it an ideal defense to eradicate COVID-19 virus quickly, and on a large scale.

    Increased Cleaning Frequency: The CDC states that COVID-19 contamination can remain on surfaces from 2 hours up to several days. Maintaining a safe workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic requires diligent regular cleaning with superior cleaning products and equipment. Cleaning frequency should be increased depending on the nature of your business to effectively prevent spread of the virus in your facility.

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