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6 Overlooked Businesses That Need Commercial Cleaning Services

    When you think of businesses that need professional cleaning services, hotels, hospitals or even office buildings probably come to mind. However, where there is heavy foot traffic, dirt, grime and germs are bound to follow. If you’re a business that requires a certain level of cleanliness, then hiring a commercial cleaning company to have your location professionally cleaned should be a given.

    You may not see the need to hire a commercial cleaner, especially if you’ve been doing your own cleaning. Yet, you’ll be surprised how many incredible benefits you and your business will enjoy if you let professionals take over all your cleaning responsibilities.

    With that in mind, here are six frequently overlooked businesses that require commercial cleaning services.

    cleaning airports and terminals

    1. Airports

    When you consider the thousands of people who make their way through airports every day, it’s not surprising that these hubs are hotbeds of germs. While many are harmless, contact with certain viruses and bacteria are a sure-fire way to get sick. Even innocent enough spots like self-check-in screens, water fountain buttons and TSA bins are seldom cleaned and thus the germiest places in the airport.

    If more airlines would invest in quality commercial airport cleaning, then flyers would be far less likely to become ill after they travel.

    2. Daycare Centers

    Any daycare center worth its salt has one primary goal — keep kids happy and healthy. If you’re a professional who works with children, you probably put a priority on safety and education. However, you may not have the knowledge or skills to properly disinfect your facility.

    Between soiled diapers, splattered food and the occasional throw-up, daycare centers must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected nearly every day. This is the only way to ensure the kids under your care stay safe and healthy from the germs that may want to hide in a variety of nooks and crannies. Enlisting professional cleaning services means you’ll spend less time worrying about cleaning and more time caring for your little ones.

    Hire a commercial cleaning company for your restaurant

    3. Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

    Owners of restaurants and commercial kitchens are well aware of the stringent health regulations that are a part of your daily operations. While it’s not too difficult to keep your place tidy, giving your place a thorough, deep cleaning is also a must. There’s already no shortage of work to do in the restaurant business. So, why not take one more thing off your plate by hiring a commercial cleaning company for your restaurant?

    4. Concert and Event Venues

    There’s nothing quite like attending a concert, sports game or another epic event at a stadium or venue. The mass of people thrum with excitement as everyone packs in to see their favorite musician perform or team play. However, when you have a rowdy, messy crowd and add in messy foods and drinks, you get a cleaning nightmare. Instead of having your stadium crew clean into the wee hours of the night, hire a commercial cleaner who will ensure your event space is spick and span and ready for your next incredible gathering.

    5. Data Centers

    While data centers may not invite huge crowds, having a clean and sterile work environment is essential to prevent business disruptions or even financial loss. A professional cleaning service will keep server rooms and cleanrooms contaminant-free. When your workspace becomes unclean, this can deteriorate your products’ quality, degrade essential IT equipment and lead to serious problems like overheating.

    data center

    6. Manufacturing Facilities

    Manufacturing facilities require a level of clean that standard janitorial staff can’t keep up with. These industrial buildings need an experienced team who understands their large-scale needs. When you enlist commercial cleaning services for your manufacturing facility, you will enjoy:

    • A clean and sanitized space
    • Safer surroundings
    • Experienced cleaning professionals who can handle any cleaning challenge
    • And the support you need to pass any upcoming health or safety inspections

    Hire Palmetto Services as Your Professional Cleaning Company

    While you may not have thought about hiring a professional cleaning company before now, commercial cleaning services may be just what you need to take your business to the next level. Palmetto Services has been bringing high-quality commercial cleaning to the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions for over 65 years.

    With a focus on individualized customer service, we work with you to design a commercial cleaning program to fit your exact needs. Each member of our highly trained team is OSHA certified, so you can rest assured that we can comply with any industry regulations you require.

    If you would like to learn more about our cleaning services in Maryland, DC, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania, contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to taking cleaning responsibilities off your to-do list so you can focus on running your business.